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Increasing the ENTERPRISE VALUE of your business

We orchestrate supply chains and operations to accelerate cash flow, improve EBITDA and grow multiples.

Our agile, disruptive, approach enables investor and management teams to grow enterprise value within 90 days, risk free.

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Enterprise Value =

Increase Revenue
Higher Prices
Higher Volumes
Product Mix / Digital CX
Throughput Optimisation
Digital Markets
Reduce Costs
Lower Prices
Lower Volumes
Lower Cost per x
Supply Chain Reengineering
Disruptive Procurement
Improve Multiple
Consistent Execution
Barriers to Entry
Risk Management
Enterprise value

Why you should focus on Enterprise Value growth

As the conscience and steward of the business, the CFO has a long-term commitment to existing and future shareholders. Too often, the Board are focused on Enterprise Value whilst other senior management make decisions based on different objectives.

Failing to understand the Enterprise Value equation, the multiple you can expect, the components and levers that can be pulled, can seriously impact the P&L, the Balance sheet and the Memorandum of Information.

Enterprise Value growth matters because:


Corporate exit goals are paramount


Attracting and incentivising top talent drives outcomes


Superior access to finance enables outperformance of competition

Focus on Enterprise Value

Funding opportunity

Attract new and more sophisticated investors, lower cost of capital

Competitive strength

Easy comparison to direct and indirect competitors

Performance Consistency

Demonstrating cash and EBITDA growth

Forecast the future with confidence

Better quality of data and trusted insight

Regulatory change and impact

Visibility to exploit and manage new regulation

Insider Pro

You don't need consultancy, you need results...FAST

We have deep experience both as consultants and “insiders” across a wide range of industries. Whether in Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing or Hospitality, companies have complex supply chains in IT, Marketing, Financial services, Engineering and Construction.

These are the areas where opportunities often hide. The advent of digital technology has changed every business and every supply chain, which requires careful examination.

How we work
Results & case studies

Positive Relationships. Tangible Outcomes.

Any consultancy is only as good as the people deployed and the outcomes they create. Learn more about the difference our team has made to other businesses.

Healthcare business

Insider Pro carried out a fascinating project for a healthcare provider whose business, at its core, was all about product innovation.

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High street retailer

Retail faces some of its most demanding challenges in history, so when we were approached by this client, our doors were open.

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Hospitality business

Hospitality is all about great service, so when this client approached us, we knew we had to serve up a treat.

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Customer Outcomes

Supporting a growing, global, digital team

We engaged InsiderPro to support the development of the Global Airbnb Procure to Pay team. InsiderPro partnered closely with us to carry out a detailed assessment of our current state identifying opportunities to focus on around domain, soft skills and teamworking. They pulled together a bespoke set of activities which included personality profiling that the team completed before kicking off with a meeting in San Francisco for a global team event.

InsiderPro delivered a highly engaging and fun programme which improved the team's performance despite being in different timezones. They improved the team's domain knowledge through case studies based on their previous experiences which resonated well.

I look forward to working with the team again in the future.

Guru Sathya
Head of Global P2P Operations
Services for Finance

How we support CFOs

Find out how Insider Pro forms the bridge between Finance, Operations and Supply chain functions, with our disruptive approach to leverage sustainable opportunities.

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