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One company. Many leaders.

The objective of delivering tangible results lies at the heart of any great procurement service. Of course, any company can claim to put the client first, but Insider Procurement goes further. Much further.

About Insider Procurement

Designed for everyone

Jeremy Bowley founded Insider Procurement to offer more than procurement services. His aim was to create a structure that removed the obstacles that can hinder the procurement process and provide an environment where category specialists have the freedom to offer solutions based on a full understanding of their clients' needs.

Jeremy Bowley

Managing Partner

Our Principles

Our founding principles are designed to provide a company Jeremy wanted to create, a company the right people would want to join and most importantly, a company that can put its customers’ needs first.

Create a framework that will attract the procurement industry’s most talented professionals and allow them to do what they do best.

Create a structure where procurement professionals would be free from hidden agendas and conflict of interest.

Create an environment where category specialists were free to call upon other category specialists to deliver the most complete solution for a client.


Our Partnership model is designed to appeal to industry talent, by giving them both a say in our running and a share in our success.

Aligned Objectives

Our consultant partners’ objectives are aligned with the success of the business. Happy customers and long term relationships take priority over individual billable hours.


Our unified objectives mean our people are free to collaborate and share expertise, putting the client first, and knowing that we are all working towards group outcomes.

The Insider Procurement Way

From strength to strength

That’s how our partnership model was developed, and built upon these principles, Insider Procurement has grown exponentially since its inception in 2014.