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Agile delivery

Consultancy projects can get bogged down and cause conflict within the customer environment. At worst, they can deliver nothing at all. At Insider, we know we need to make a positive impact, fast, engaging all stakeholders and providing clarity of purpose and outcomes.

The Brief

Agile delivery

Insider Pro needed a more robust project management process, one that delivered results for our customers faster, using technology which was intuitive, updated in real-time and which would enable efficient resource planning and quick decision making.

After careful assessment, we selected a solution providing us with:-


Templates for projects with outcome-based stories


Clarity of sub-tasks needed to achieve the outcome


Clear 2 weekly sprints, focused on incremental progress


Understanding the constraints

Many companies face the problems of fragmented working, poor quality data and difficulty in planning ahead, which can lead to:

Fragmented working in silos

Poor management information and no central place to find one version of the truth

Lack of templates to streamline the process leading to too much variation and re-invention of the wheel


Results and Approach

Insider Pro now closes down work much faster by focusing on increments. We get through far more work using the same resource and generate more value for our customers. We identify risks earlier and manage them carefully throughout the project.

30% Productivity Increase leads to greater in-year benefit


We can see all work within the business clearly at any point in time. It is easy to flag a blocker and resolve it quickly. Roadmaps offer a visual way for all the see the impact of their activity.


Each member of the team owns their tasks but we are jointly accountable for the outcome. We can each play to our strengths.

Outcome focus

We can all see the end goal clearly, working together to surpass it. It’s the outcome that counts. Management information is available both numerically and graphically, accessible and clear for all.


Greater efficiency, faster decision making, early identification of issues, all help to speed up value delivery.

Inside Track

Minimising Impact

Procurement projects can quickly eat up stakeholder time which can slow progress and frustrate the management team, especially when there are multiple projects in flight. The Insider team overcame this through:


Using highly qualified experts with deep
experience and insight into the categories.
This reduced reliance on stakeholders
allowing them to feel involved but without
requiring them to undertake significant
additional work.


Focusing on making the solution fit the client
and understanding that complex ways of
working or change programmes were unlikely
to be effective in a fluid environment.


Working closely with the senior team to
raise issues early and provide them with
impartial advice to help them make

Featured insider

Jay Thethi

Jay became an Insider in June 2019. As a lean Six Sigma Green Belt she knows a thing or two about process. She quickly understood what was needed to help our customers grow Enterprise Value and worked with the team to design and implement the new project management tool. She has been instrumental in tailoring and restructuring the system as we learnt more through practice, motivating everyone to adopt the new way of working and making sure we celebrate success at every stage!

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