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Results matter

To understand the price of something, you need to know its cost. To know the value of something, you need to understand the business.

Case Studies

High impact, long lasting results delivered with confidence and speed.

Many companies have been prepared to take the risk, have disrupted their supply chains and benefited from £ millions growth in enterprise value.

Some are still surprised at what they managed to achieve but none have regretted it!

Getting agile at Insider Pro

Many of our customers have complicated businesses where information is hard to pin down and functions work in silos despite the interdependences across the business. We recognised that agility is the key to driving incremental value. As well as speed we need accuracy, visibility and control. We need to meet constraints head on, manage tasks effectively and help the customer adapt to change. Our goal was to re-design our process, select the right technology for the job and accelerate results.

  • Speed to value in 90 days
  • Real time data, improved accuracy and visibility
  • Iterative forward planning process
  • Faster decision making

Healthcare business

Insider Pro carried out a fascinating project for a healthcare provider whose business, at its core, was all about product innovation. They were focussed on providing smart clinical solutions for the end patient, making sure that their products were the best in the market place, using latest leading-edge technology. Their intellectual property was all important as were the in-house team of top engineers.

  • 60% potential reduction in cost per part
  • 10% reduction in working capital
  • Increased flexibility of supply
  • More manufacturing capacity for future growth ambition
Customer Outcomes

Supporting a growing, global, digital team

We engaged InsiderPro to support the development of the Global Airbnb Procure to Pay team. InsiderPro partnered closely with us to carry out a detailed assessment of our current state identifying opportunities to focus on around domain, soft skills and teamworking. They pulled together a bespoke set of activities which included personality profiling that the team completed before kicking off with a meeting in San Francisco for a global team event.

InsiderPro delivered a highly engaging and fun programme which improved the team's performance despite being in different timezones. They improved the team's domain knowledge through case studies based on their previous experiences which resonated well.

I look forward to working with the team again in the future.

Guru Sathya
Head of Global P2P Operations

Hospitality business

Our client was a successful hospitality business with over 200 branches in the UK. Beyond the obvious goods for resale, the single biggest cost to the business was maintenance of the property estate, therefore this was a key area of focus for the management team.

  • 30% cost reduction
  • Supplier performance maintained
  • Improved ongoing data analysis
  • Client/supplier goals aligned

High street retailer

We were approached by a major high street retailer to support their packaging procurement. Buying in excess of £10m of packaging per year, it was critical to success that they were able to control their costs.

  • Rapid Improvement
  • Over £1.5m savings
  • Product quality maintained
  • Customer proposition unaffected

UK Operation

Our client was a UK operation with over 50 office locations. To achieve their commercial targets, it was essential that the cost of running each location was minimised whilst ensuring that each site’s service requirements were met.

  • Rapid delivery
  • 50% cost reduction
  • Minimised impact on stakeholders
  • Reduced pressure on IT resource

FT100 distribution business

Our client was a global FT100 distribution business with over 800 UK locations and 14,000 staff.

Trading conditions had become more challenging in the UK and the business needed to rapidly reduce the costs of the indirect supply chain.

  • Rapid delivery
  • 50% cost reduction
  • Minimised impact on stakeholders
  • Reduced pressure on IT resource

It’s not just about the numbers

How do you quantify the design of a carrier bag or the taste of coffee? Procurement is of course a highly mathematical process, but without an understanding of the business or the industry they operate in, the numbers can be misleading. We bring our analytical minds but also our creative thinking as we engage with your stakeholders to understand the improvements you need.

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