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To understand the price of something, you need to know its cost. To know the value of something, you need to understand the business.

Case Studies

High impact, long lasting results delivered with confidence and speed.

Improving enterprise value can be achieved in lots of ways:

From straightforward cost reduction to harnessing innovations in the supply chain. From improving product quality to spotting new business opportunities. From reducing risk to securing growth.

Hospitality business

Our client was a successful hospitality business with over 200 branches in the UK. Beyond the obvious goods for resale, the single biggest cost to the business was maintenance of the property estate, therefore this was a key area of focus for the management team.

  • 30% cost reduction
  • Supplier performance maintained
  • Improved ongoing data analysis
  • Client/supplier goals aligned

High street retailer

We were approached by a major high street retailer to support their packaging procurement. Buying in excess of £10m of packaging per year, it was critical to success that they were able to control their costs.

  • Rapid Improvement
  • Over £1.5m savings
  • Product quality maintained
  • Customer proposition unaffected

UK Operation

Our client was a UK operation with over 50 office locations. To achieve their commercial targets, it was essential that the cost of running each location was minimised whilst ensuring that each site’s service requirements were met.

  • Rapid delivery
  • 50% cost reduction
  • Minimised impact on stakeholders
  • Reduced pressure on IT resource

FT100 distribution business

Our client was a global FT100 distribution business with over 800 UK locations and 14,000 staff.

Trading conditions had become more challenging in the UK and the business needed to rapidly reduce the costs of the indirect supply chain.

  • Rapid delivery
  • 50% cost reduction
  • Minimised impact on stakeholders
  • Reduced pressure on IT resource

It’s not just about the numbers

How do you quantify the design of a carrier bag or the taste of coffee? Procurement is of course a highly mathematical process, but without an understanding of the business or the industry they operate in, the numbers can be misleading. We bring our analytical minds but also our creative thinking as we engage with your stakeholders to understand the improvements you need.

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