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Whatever you set out to be great at, it probably wasn’t procurement. Don’t worry, we did.

Most organisations focus the best of their efforts on the things they make or do, not the things they buy.

But the way we see it, procurement can drive huge value and competitive edge – that’s the kind of exciting challenge we love!

How we work

We take a flexible approach to our commercial relationships, according to the needs of our clients. We are happy to offer fixed fee consulting against agreed deliverables, a low risk gainshare model or a hybrid of these.

Procurement Consultancy


We don't simply look for areas of improvement as against the best in class. We go beyond that.

We'll learn about your corporate mission and goals, examine your supply chain and identify new opportunities to create real business value.

Aligned Objectives

Assessing your current level of procurement.

Savings Insights

Identifying your company’s potential cost savings.

Supply Chain Discovery

Understanding supply chain improvement opportunities.

Risk Analysis

Analysing the various risks in your supply chain.

Procurement Consultancy

Cost Reduction & Performance Improvement

Procurement in its most pure form is about paying the right price for the right level of service. We work with you to ensure you receive the most efficient price from your suppliers whilst maintaining the quality promise you make to your own customers.

  • Improvement projects Working hands on to improve performance and reduce costs
  • Managed procurementOutsourcing of category management activities
Procurement Consultancy

Capability Building

Organisational needs and supplier relationships change
constantly and it’s important to have an infrastructure
that can evolve your procurement. Our capability building
service ensures you have a robust framework, meaning
competitive procurement and strategic
advantage in your business for years to come.

  • PeopleImproving the skills, knowledge and confidence of individuals
  • ProcessesImplementing and refining processes to improve decision making, pace and quality
  • SystemsDevelopment and implementation of systems and tools to support procurement
Procurement Consultancy

Merger, Acquisition & Turnaround

When growth or improvement is sought, it’s necessary to understand what is happening already and what can be achieved in the future. Our team can provide the swift solutions you need backed up by decades of experience during times of significant change.

  • Support TeamRapid development of an experienced team to assist pre and post acquisition / merger.
  • Improvement ProgrammesHelp for businesses in distress or during turnaround situations.
Procurement Consultancy

Let’s get started

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