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We work with growth companies to realise their potential.

Often, they’ve already invested a lot of effort in reducing costs and increasing sales, but need help to identify what's really holding them back.

Our approach delivers significant results and a guaranteed ROI ...FAST!

How we work

Our unique, proven four step approach drives valuable deliverables and a
go/no-go decision at every stage.

Stage One


Our fresh, but knowledgeable eyes will review your performance against your corporate mission and goals. Then we'll look inside and outside your business to identify the things that stop you from realising your full potential.

Aligned Objectives

Understand your business goals and KPIs


In your supply chain or operations


Organisational readiness for change


Defined opportunities to improve enterprise value

Stage Two

Collaboratively build your strategy

Our strategy team will provide insight, creativity and a fresh perspective. We'll challenge assumptions and help unlock measurable improvements in enterprise value - often highlighting things that those immersed in the business find difficult to spot.

  • Experience and Insight Leverage our experience and cross-industry insight to quickly uncover opportunities
  • Deliverable We'll create a really clear plan of action – so clear that you could deliver it without us!
Stage Three

Execution of the plan

Having identified clear opportunities
to grow enterprise value, most people
want to make it happen
in the shortest possible time.

We can accelerate progress by
providing the skills, knowledge and services
that complement your team’s capabilities.

  • ManagementProgramme management, further strategic work
  • ProcurementMarket intelligence, negotiation support
  • Skills TransferCoaching and mentoring
Stage Four


The interesting, challenging, strategic, deal-making, process redefining work has been done at this point. But to gain maximum growth in enterprise value, the changes need to be fully implemented.

From simply changing supplier information throughout the organisation to introducing new processes to monitor and manage performance, every detail could have an important impact on the factors that impact growth.

  • Support Team Access to skilled people to assist with implementing change
  • Mentoring A dedicated mentor to keep you on track with achieving your goals
Improve your enterprise value

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