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Services for CFOs

The lens into your supply chain.

Every business and every function is frustrated by poor data, lack of clarity and visibility. Insider Pro homes in on the relevant data, asks the penetrating questions and determines “next” practice to turbo-charge results and growth.

How we support CFOs

Many businesses spend up to 70% of the value of their revenue with external third-party suppliers. This needs to be managed and optimised to protect and grow enterprise value. We help you challenge the status quo and re-engineer the way those products or services flow into the business.

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Insider Pro forms the bridge between the Finance, Operations and Supply chain functions, providing the CFO with far greater visibility and a disruptive approach to leverage sustainable opportunities within the supply chain. Our independent view will deliver:

  • Clarity of Enterprise value goals
  • Leadership team accountability
  • Elimination of frustrations and internal conflicts
  • Guaranteed results

The Bridge across Finance, Operations and Supply Chain

Company, Strategy and Functional Objectives

Supply Chain
Other Functions

Common Challenges

Insider Pro Approach

Functional goals and measures of success differ

Stakeholder engagement and data analysis

Plans do not always coincide

Proven solution framework

People busy with the day job and functional priorities

Creating the value

Change is hard

2 weekly iterative planning, speed, project management and reporting

Measurable Results


Helping mid-cap growth companies to realise their potential

We work with mid-cap growth companies to realise their potential following 4 key principles.


We identify “next” practice. Best practice is not always the answer – it’s better to re-examine, re-engineer and find the “next” practice in the supply chain that’s relevant to your specific customer proposition.


Financial literacy. To leverage the opportunities for change and disruption, knowing how to account for the impact is critical. We bring the knowledge, experience, tools, processes and financial acumen to ensure impact on the P&L, Balance Sheet and Memorandum of Information.


Collaboration is a key component of success. Both internal and external. We act as the bridge across Finance, Operations and Supply Chain, ensuring strong stakeholder engagement, communicating clearly and rigorously, why change is required, how it can happen and what outcomes to expect.


Innovation is everywhere. Inside your business and across the supplier landscape. To find it and leverage the benefits, you need to access diversity in the supply chain, be open to some disruption whilst always focussing on long-term sustainability and enterprise value growth.

What you should expect

  • We will seek out data to analyse your current business and allow us to assess the opportunity for enterprise value growth.
  • We will create a plan to deliver enterprise value growth, showing what is possible, how long it will take and what the outcomes are likely to be.
  • We will execute in 90 days’ time to value which will positively impact the P&L and Balance sheet.
  • We will continue to deliver the longer-term strategic enterprise value plan for as long as it takes whilst also providing long term capability improvement.
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