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UK Operation

When a business with over 50 UK office locations came to us, we invited them into ours.

The Brief

UK Operation

Our client was a UK operation with over 50 office locations. To achieve their commercial targets, it was essential that the cost of running each location was minimised whilst ensuring that each site’s service requirements were met. The Insider team were asked to;


Profile the IT costs for the business


Explore opportunities to reduce costs and maintain services through multi sector benchmarking


Transition, where possible, the business from its existing multiple supplier agreements into fewer service providers, able to operate as an extension of the internal team


Understanding the constraints

As the business had grown organically and through acquisition, there was a myriad of agreements with suppliers. Services provided at each site were not consistent, with some not meeting the requirements of the users whilst others were significantly over provided for. Additionally, there had been a number of changes in the management team which meant that the existing IT team did not have clarity on supplier costs or deliverables. The challenges were therefore to;

Map business requirements for each location and identify whether they matched with the services being provisioned

Understand the existing contracts and the extent to which they constrained consolidation

Find a service provider which would act as critical friend of the IT team, given their lack of resources and limited knowledge of the estate


Results and Approach

The Insider team reviewed all costs in the IT space and quickly identified that communications, infrastructure and WAN had the most potential for improvement with the least impact on stakeholders. Within just 10 weeks the team had created a framework of user requirements and sourced a new provider at 50% less cost. Central to securing this was;

50% Reduction in costs within just ten weeks


The team were able to rapidly review total IT expenditure and identify where the largest potential gains should be made


Using knowledge of other organisations to rapidly profile user requirements and provide the IT team with a simple menu of service options for each location


Our ability to understand the contracting environment and the migration path from ‘As Is’ to ‘To Be’


Matching the choice of supplier to the IT teams for a supportive organisation able to guide them through a complex transition process

Inside Track

Minimising Impact

Working out costs can be the easy part of procurement, but it is the ability to match them to stakeholder requirements and implement them effectively which makes the difference between good and great procurement. Achieving this requires a dedicated and knowledgeable team who can call on previous experience to guide them, and the client. In this case, our deep industry experience helped us;

Remove Overspend

Through over provisioned services

Minimise Reliance on

Reduce pressure on overextended
IT resources

Improve Time to Value

Accelerate implementation timescales.

Featured insider

Jeremy Bowley

Jeremy is the Managing Partner of the business. Over the course of his career Jeremy has worked with over 50 organisations in sectors as diverse as retail, construction, hospitality, manufacturing, healthcare and not for profit.


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